Wave for Blofeld..

11 months 1 week ago #1 by opus.quatre
Hello People..
Just bought a Waldorf Blofeld and I'm so happy with it..
I doçwnloaded the softwares (Spectre and wave editor) and created a few wavetable, which are not so interesting..
But this one I want to share with you..
It's a triangle, from the 1st to the 64th wave, but on this triangle are overlaying all harmonics from harmonic 2 to harmonic 64, in rising order..
The result is similar to a filter sweep with resonance, but sounds more digital..
When you modulate it, by LFO, envelope, mod wheel, or whatever, and mix it with other waveforms, can be an interesting result...
Inside the .zip is a .syx, so you can edit it using Wave Editor, and a .mid so you can send it to your Blofeld using Spectre..
Have a nice evening..
Thierry.(btw, I'm not a robot)..
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