Waldorf Largo midi program change not not working in High Sierra

3 years 1 month ago #1 by chini
I am a pro keyboard player with a large keyboard rig I tour with.

I have been a Largo user for nearly ten years and have recently had to upgrade to High Sierra on my MacBook Pro live rig.
Previously I was able to change Largo sounds from my Kronos keyboard without a problem. Now I've re-installed all my software synth sounds into the same Logic Pro X setup (latest version) Largo will no longer respond to program change messages while all my other plugin instruments will without a problem.

I have installed the very latest 1.75 version of Largo and the recent updates which have resolved the filing problems Largo was experiencing but for some reason Largo is now no longer responding to program change messages.

Can anyone shed light on this problem?

The thought of having to drop Largo and reprogram all my precious integral sounds in a different synth is a daunting one I'd rather avoid! Especially considering all my Largo sounds were originally copied from my Waldorf Q rack!

Any help on this problem much appreciated!

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