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2 years 5 months ago #1 by Jfish930
Quantum preset list was created by Jfish930
Hello All,

I am considering purchasing a Quantum. I looked at the online manual, but can’t seem to find a list of factory presets anywhere.

Can someone help?


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2 years 5 months ago #2 by Qwave
Replied by Qwave on topic Quantum preset list
I think there is no list. And as most users did their v2.0 update with the included sounds themself, the new patches delivered with the v2.0 firmware are not going to predefined patch numbers.

Here a list of the Don Solaris patches you get with the v2.0 update. The patch numbers are just pointing to where the authour saved them, not where you import them to on a Quantum:
01600-Plasma Bass.qpat
01601-SH-101 Bassline.qpat
01602-SH-101 Double Sub.qpat
01603-Obie PWM.qpat
01604-JD-990 Distant Suns.qpat
01605-JD-800 Glass Voices.qpat
01606-JD-990 RingModFlute.qpat
01607-CZ-1 BasicSaw.qpat
01608-CZ-1 French Kiss.qpat
01609-Komparator MW.qpat
01610-Commodore 64.qpat
01611-SH-5 FAT Bass.qpat
01612-Eno Soundtrack.qpat
01613-JU-60 Basic Bass.qpat
01614-JU-60 Italo Bass.qpat
01615-JU-60 Saw.qpat
01616-JU-60 Square.qpat
01617-JX-3P Square.qpat
01618-Alpha Juno Soft Saw.qpat
01619-JX-8P Arpeggiator.qpat
01620-JX-8P Arpegiator II.qpat
01621-RobotA 9 octaves.qpat
01622-RobotB 9 octaves.qpat
01623-Superior Organ.qpat
01624-LFO1 Amount.qpat
01625-Latch Minor Chords.qpat
01626-Sexy sequencer.qpat
01627-Juno Reactor Bass.qpat
01628-Yo Mommas Acid.qpat
01629-The Thing.qpat
01630-Perfect Sweep.qpat
01631-Idling Engine.qpat
01633-Michael Cretu.qpat
01637-Xpander Seq.qpat
01639-Dangerous Bass.qpat
01640-Lead X.qpat
01641-101 Velo.qpat
01642-Noise Bomb.qpat
01643-Pulstar Arpeggio.qpat
01644-Pulstar Theme.qpat
01645-Warp Lead.qpat
01646-Vangelis Alpha.qpat
01647-Vangelis Arp.qpat
01649-Almost Jupiter.qpat
01652-Arped ARP.qpat
01653-Double PWM.qpat
01654-Double Saw.qpat
01655-Hyper Saw.qpat
01656-Single PWM.qpat
01657-Carpenter Low.qpat
01658-Synthetic Vitamins.qpat
01659-VCF Tweaker.qpat
01660-Arp Saw.qpat
01661-Arp Sqr.qpat
01662-Arp Sin.qpat
01663-P5 PWM.qpat
01664-Obie 8.qpat
01666-JP8 PWM.qpat
01667-Hello Vince.qpat
01668-Roland SH101.qpat
01669-Roland SH2.qpat
01670-Roland SH2 Saw.qpat
01671-Roland SH2 Sqr.qpat
01674-Moog Sqr.qpat
01675-Just Raw.qpat
01678-Dyson Sphere.qpat
01680-Polysix Saw.qpat
01681-Polysix Sqr.qpat
01682-Velo DblSqr.qpat
01683-Velo Sqr.qpat
01684-Mighty Chords.qpat
01685-Velo Sqr2.qpat
01686-MonoPoly Bass.qpat
01687-Washing Machine.qpat
01688-Washing Machine 2.qpat
01689-Dr. Morbius.qpat
01690-Retro Future.qpat
01691-Italo Bass 1.qpat
01692-Italo Bass 2.qpat
01693-Detroit One.qpat
01694-Detroit Two.qpat
01695-Detroit Three.qpat
01696-Crumar String.qpat
01697-Default 1976.qpat
01699-Prophet 5 Flanged.qpat
01700-Prophet 5th.qpat
01701-True Analog.qpat
01702-Tweak dat 303.qpat
01703-Tweak dat 304.qpat
01704-Tweak dat 305.qpat
01705-Island Tribe.qpat
01706-Enemy Tribe.qpat
01709-Lush Poly.qpat
01710-Cosmic Glass.qpat
01711-Moog Lead.qpat
01712-Lucky Moog Owner.qpat
01713-DblSqr Moog.qpat
01714-DblSaw Moog.qpat
01715-Voyager Bass.qpat
01716-Voyager Bass Velo.qpat
01718-String Ensemble.qpat
01719-JP-8000 Basic Brass.qpat
01720-JP-8000 Basic Bass.qpat
01721-JP-8000 Goa Bass.qpat
01722-JP-8000 Trance Bass.qpat
01723-JP-8000 Liquid Bass.qpat
01724-JP-8000 Trance 3rd.qpat
01725-JP-8000 Trance 5th.qpat
01726-JP-8000 Fifth.qpat
01727-JP-8000 In-trance 12.qpat
01728-JP-8000 In-trance 24.qpat
01729-Soundtrack Gen.qpat
01730-Ice Land.qpat
01731-Kubrick-s Wheel.qpat
01732-Reverse Time.qpat
01733-Alien Choir.qpat
01734-JD-800 Ultra.qpat
01735-Area 51 Nights.qpat
01736-Desert Encounters.qpat
01737-Antartica 5th.qpat
01738-Behind the Moon.qpat
01739-Pulsating 5th.qpat
01740-Perfect 5th.qpat
01741-Don Solaris 2020.qpat

Steven Wartofsky patches:
01601-Classic Waldorf.qpat
01603-Steve Miller.qpat
01604-Tubular Guitar.qpat
01605-Autumn Sunset.qpat
01606-Sweet Nothings.qpat
01607-Submersible Wires.qpat
01608-Fourth Engine.qpat
01609-Nyquist Sleeps.qpat
01610-Deep Space Harpsichord.qpat
01611-Pierced Guitar.qpat
01613-Sparkling Isles.qpat
01614-Xaw the Bass.qpat
01615-Happy Stanley C.qpat
01616-Really Crushed.qpat
01617-Colonel Complex.qpat
01618-Highland Fling.qpat
01619-Karn Evil 2020.qpat
01620-Trying to Keep It Simple.qpat
01621-60s Beach Organ.qpat
01622-Addams Family at Church.qpat
01623-Pluto 8.qpat
01624-Chinese Festival.qpat
01625-Travelin Man.qpat
01626-Sleepy Cat.qpat
01627-Swirly Guitorgan.qpat
01628-Old Bells.qpat
01630-Tortured Anthem.qpat
01631-Sweet Digital.qpat
01634-Church and Arrow.qpat
01635-Duck Pond.qpat
01638-Gritty Fun.qpat
01639-Arabian Nights.qpat
01641-Mendocino Bay.qpat
01643-Music From Far Away.qpat
01644-Running Out of Time.qpat
01645-Arcturus Chimes.qpat
01647-Unicorn 2.qpat
01648-Prevailing Winds.qpat

Kurt Ader patches:
2000-KA Cinematic Orchestra.qpat
2001-KA LFO Drone.qpat
2002-KA Cinematic Pad.qpat
2003-KA Vector Synth.qpat
2004-KA Guitar Pad.qpat
2005-KA Wave Synth.qpat
2006-KA Epic Pad.qpat
2007-KA Vibra Synth.qpat
2008-KA Wave Term.qpat
2009-KA Good Old Days.qpat
2010-KA Sunburst.qpat
2011-KA Lead 1.qpat
2012-KA Perkey.qpat
2013-KA Cinematica.qpat
2014-KA Pin Tweaks.qpat
2015-KA Film Pad.qpat
2016-KA Pulse Pluck.qpat
2017-KA Dark Pad.qpat
2018-KA Resonator Pad.qpat
2019-KA Into The Grain.qpat
2020-KA Glas Pad.qpat
2021-KA Grain Pad.qpat
2022-KA Fat Jupiter .qpat
2023-KA Drone FX.qpat

Björn Vogelsang patches:
01900-FM Pad unter uns.qpat
01901-FM EPiano.qpat
01909-FM Glassy.qpat
01910-Klick Piano.qpat
01914-Walking Kernels.qpat

Albert van der Zee patches:
02760-Frequency Resonator Modulator.qpat
03038-fm keys arp.qpat
03049-FM radio.qpat
03071-FM sustained bells.qpat
03081-lesly organ.qpat
03414-Game of Q.qpat
03481-fm rumble.qpat
03482-fm rumble resampled.qpat
03542-fm krekels.qpat
03551-fm fake wavetable.qpat

Dirk Krause patches:
01755-FM Synth Wheel DK.qpat
01756-Kernel Bass DK.qpat
01757-Kernel Pad DK.qpat
01758-FM Synth Strange DK.qpat
01759-Nightclubbing DK.qpat
01760-FM Matrix Synth DK.qpat
01761-FM Plain Synth DK.qpat
01762-FM Wheelie Arp DK.qpat
01763-FM Stab DK.qpat
01764-Nervous Wreck Arp DK.qpat
01765-FM Move Arp DK.qpat
01766-FM Synth.qpat

CO5MA patches:
001-Return to Omnia.qpat
005-Sebastian Dolls.qpat

Beat Müller patches:
03000-sm phaxer.qpat
03001-sm FM Flugzeugabsturz.qpat
03002-sm fm leeedkey.qpat
03003-sm Formwandler.qpat

Ian Dunlop patches:
01628-Bass Destruct.qpat

And there are the many, many pre v2.0 patches as well.

But don't judge a synth my the name of its preset or the presets themself. There is no "Jump" preset. But it is so easy to get this famous sound from the Waldorf Quantum with just one oscillator using the Kernel unison function.

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2 years 5 months ago #3 by Jfish930
Replied by Jfish930 on topic Quantum preset list
Thank you so much for your reply Qwave. Of course my main motivation for possibly purchasing a Quantum is to create my own sounds, but I often use presets to get ideas or as a starting point in which to edit sounds.

Sorry but I still don’t understand. If the presets have no specified number, how do I “find” the ones you listed as well as all the others?

Thanks again for your help!

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2 years 5 months ago #4 by Qwave
Replied by Qwave on topic Quantum preset list
The original factory sound (pre 2.0) had been on specified numbers. I have no such list available. The v2.0 sounds are delivered as download to import into the updated Quantums by the user. And while importing a folder of sounds (sorted by creator name like my list posted) you, the Quantum user decide where to store them too. All unused patch locations are not existing. This is a different concept like used o the Blofeld where you had 1024 (?) memory locations existing from day one, no matter if they contained a sound or not. On the Quantum only existing sounds are seen with the location numbers. And as you might end up with 9999 patches, you can find them by several layers of filters like creator names or pre or self defined search names or describing tags.
There is no factory 2.0 installed sound list available to me, as I bought my Quantum over a year ago. And version 2.0 was released just a little more than 2 weeks ago. So there are not many factory 2.0 preinstalled Quantums out yet.

The page 20 of the Waldorf Quantum v2.0 manual is very informative on how to find, sort etc. sounds. And tells you all you need to know about what the Quantum is able to do.

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2 years 5 months ago #5 by Jfish930
Replied by Jfish930 on topic Quantum preset list
Thanks so much Qwave! I did check out the manual but only glimpsed through it looking for a sound list.

Your recommendation of page 20, led me to finding this which is exactly what I was seeking:

You can filter sounds by attributes, banks, and authors. Use the three silver endless knobs to the left of the display. When set to All you have access to all existing sounds.

Now, my only hesitation regarding the Quantum is how intuitive is it and will the learning curve be overwhelmingly complex.?

Thanks again!


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2 years 5 months ago #6 by Qwave
Replied by Qwave on topic Quantum preset list
The Quantum is easy to use for the basic things. Using the rather unique or seldom seen before functions like Grain Synthesis or the new v2.0 FM Kernel sections is something for people really getting a special sound. This is not something you will learn in a day. But the VA oscillators and the classic Waldorf wavetable oscillators, the filters and all the whole modulation concept is well done. And you will not dive deep into menu structures in the display. It is mostly the front panel knobs. And the encoders around the display change from section to section their functions, but this is well labeled on the display.
So all in all the Quantum is user friendly. But it also got plenty parameters you will see for the first time ever on some of the oscillator modes. But you don't have to use them, if you not like to.

But to learn every possible parameter and when to change a certain parameter to get to the intended sound is rather complex, if you dive into grain, resonator and FM Kernel oscillator modes. But on the other hand, even without using these functions, the Quantum is a great synth.

It is definitely not a synth for beginners (unless you use the presets only). And soundwise it is a full professional synth.

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