New Owner...some questions

4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 1 week ago #1 by paddyryan
I JUST received my Quantum today...updated to 1.3.

A few things have popped out at me (other than WOW!)

1) The Output level of this synth is lower than my other synths. If I want to get it closer, I have to put the compressor on at about 1/4...which isn't necessarily what I want! Have you noticed a low(er) output level?

2) Can the envelopes not be synced to clock?!?!? Like 1/4 attack time, 1/8 note decay time...etc??? This is an oversight!! Especially when looping them, this is important!

3) The latch functionality is not good with the arpeggiator. When choosing "as played", it loses its sort order as soon as you release the keys....whether I am using the sustain pedal, or the latch button, or the chord button. Something's not right here. I should be able to get an arp pattern playing that stays the same after I release my hands...otherwise I may as well just play the arp myself!
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4 months 1 week ago #2 by Lukas.S
Replied by Lukas.S on topic New Owner...some questions
1) Quantums audio output level is normal in comparision to other synths. Please check if you have used unbalanced cables and if your audio interface/mixing console is set correctly.

2) Currently, the envelopes cannot be synced. Please describe me in detail what you expect this to do and how that should work.

3) Please use the support form on our web site and send me a video where you can reproduce the error. If you upload it on a platform, please make it non-publicly accessible.

Please keep in mind that this forum is not a place to post bugs since we will lose track of them.

Before you post: Have you checked our FAQ and Support section yet?
Contact us there if you have any issues or bugs to report.

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