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After years of wanting a Waldorf instrument, I received my Iridium recently and have fallen deeply in love with it. Thanks for a fantastic sound design tool, Rolf and friends.

I have a few requests, some of which are +1s to previous:
  1. +1 to BPM-synced envelope stages
  2. +1 to free-running looped envelopes
  3. I would love to be able to select a trigger source for an envelope - and specifically to trigger an envelope from one of the CV inputs rather than note-on. This allows all kinds of interesting interactions with other sounds, but the one I use most frequently on the Hydrasynth is to use the envelope to -mod the VCA output level so that the patch will "duck" under the trigger.
  4. Gain on the oscillator mixer section, rather than only padding. Level-matching (for example) the Resonator with other oscillators, I can't drive the filter section when I have to take 16+dB out of the other two. I know we can put the Former in front of the filter stage, but then we can't use it elsewhere. :)
  5. Ability to route Filter 1 / Filter 2 in series, not just in parallel.

e: +1 to GinoCortesi's request below - filtering the mod matrix destinations by "things that actually exist in my patch" would save a pretty significant amount of time when building patches.
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1 month 19 hours ago #98 by GinoCortesi
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Quick feature request...

If I have OSC1 set to Particle, I want to only see PT1 Length, PT1 Gate, etc. for the destinations in the mod matrix popup menu.
In other words, I would not see the other mod destinations for OSC1 (WT1..., WF1..., etc.)
It's a very long list, and would benefit from being filtered to make it easier to work with.
it's also a bit odd that I can choose to route a mod source to something I'm not using.

Let me know if anyone else likes this idea.
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1 month 3 hours ago - 1 month 3 hours ago #99 by vvilms
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Alright, so now that I've had about 3 months with this thing, I'd like to compile all of my top requests into a single definitive post:

1. The ability to feed live-audio into the resonator engine, similar to live-granular. (Also the ability to feed audio from one layer into another. Better yet, one oscillator into another on the same layer.)

2. Live Granular buffer-freezing. (Though, fully variable speeds would be IMMENSE.)

3. BPM-syncable envelope stages & Particle params (ie. position/ length - at least while playing middle C.) -- (Major extra points for BPM sync-able LFO speeds in the Kernels engine, as opposed to being stuck to Hertz.) – Also it’d rock if the envelope delay param were a mod destination. :)

4. FM mod sources: ie. oscillator to oscillator/ oscillator to filter cutoff/ oscillator to comb filter

5. +1 for routing digital filters in series.

6. The ability to allocate knobs of un-used oscillators to expose more params of a single Kernels engine to the mod-matrix for discrete modulation.
Maybe this would be most easily implemented if a Kernels engine on oscillator #2 could recognize params of a Kernels engine loaded onto oscillator #1. Then one would disengage K1 through K6 on oscillator #2 and have 5 more knobs to control and modulate oscillator #1. (There’s probably a cleaner way, but this seems reasonable to me.)

7. CC’s as mod destinations. :D.

8. Something like Rev2’s polyphonic gated sequencer or u-he's mod-mappers.

9. Either something like u-he/ Zebra's mod-mixers or Q/ Blofeld/ XT’s modulation modifiers.

10. (Iridium specific) – CV Clock In to MIDI clock out. (At the moment, Iridium doesn’t send MIDI clock.)

11. +1 for envelope trigger sources. :)

12. An additive synthesis mode would be incredible. :D
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3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 4 days ago #100 by dgothard
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My Iridium Feature requests so far.

1. Ability to filter incoming Midi Program change messages on or off.

2. FM modulation of the filters using oscillators

3. The ability to to have the Arp/Sequencer Latch button work on incoming midi notes. It seems pointless to only be affective for using the latch with the builtin pads.

4. Be able to place EFX in different places on the routing screen section instead of just in series at the end of the chain.

5. Set a number of steps Length Value on the Trigger running page.

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