Pulse 2 Audio Output Question

2 years 4 months ago #1 by ScottB601
I have a question about my new Pulse 2 audio outs. If I have both 1/4" jacks fully inserted, I get right channel audio only. If I then pull out the left jack, I get right channel. If I pull out right jack, I get left channel, as expected. If I insert the right 1/4" plug part of the way, then I get both outputs in my studio monitors. My DAW, prefs, etc. are set up properly. Is this normal behavior? The right plug, partially inserted, is wobbly and unstable and would never stand up to live performance.

Both jacks in: right channel only
Left jack only: left channel only, as expected
Right jack only: right jack only, as expected
Right jack wobbly and partially inserted: left and right channels audible
Headphone out: stereo as expected

Advice? Or is this normal?

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2 years 3 months ago #2 by señor-bling
Did you buy it new or used? Are you using balanced/stereo or unbalanced/mono cables? Although I've actually used both types of cable and both work fine. Have you tried different cables/different inputs on your mixer/interface just to be sure? Anyway, this is not normal.

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