Lector crashing in Cubase Pro 8.0

4 years 6 months ago #1 by jwatte
I recently purchased, downloaded, and activated Lector.

On the very first track I tried it (a simple vocal recording,) I turned up the "carrier" knob and clicked a few of the different waveforms to try them out, and Cubase hung, repeating the same fragment for a few seconds, and then quit to desktop.

Windows 10 x64, Cubase Pro 8.0, also using NI Komplete, Steinberg UR22 audio interface.

This is the latest version available for download on your product downloads page as of today.
Is there something I can do to diagnose this problem?
Some kind of crash dump I can find and send in?
I don't yet know how common this error will be, but as it happened during my very first time using it, I thought it worth mentioning here.

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