Greetings Waldorf, from a old friend! {Handball? :o}

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #1 by rhyspaulhovey
Greetings Waldorf! Rhys Paul Hovey here, a long time user, and fan, since the MW-XT/Q. A couple of years I was talking to a German exchange student, in the university -social club- bathroom, and I heard that he was from Germany, so I immediately started talking about synthesizers! Alas he was much more into "Handball" so I did not push him any further. I'm very glad to see that you have so many new products in both hardware and software on the market. I'm pretty busy as always on my own synthesizer software, but I have some friends who are very new Waldorf fans, and they "sware" by the Blofield, as I always had done with the MWXT, and waldorf's synthesis is considered to be amongst the best. I personally LOVE the look of the Quantum, and I consider it the nicest hardware on the market. I'm also very excited about the amount of analog functions, I am seeing in the new hardware! I was just listening to the Pulse 2's oscillator section, and I would love to hear a poly synth, with such amazing sounding oscillators! Truly awesome sounding.

* My Question??
My question is, are you going to be coming to Vancouver, at any time? because it would be great to meet some of the
people behind Waldorf, instead of just people {who} "Look like" Wolfgang Palm; buying beer! Perhaps renting a log cabin, for a promo is an order! * I tell EVERYONE this; at the -Du maurier Jazz festival Toronto-, I had a beer with THE, MR "John Scofield",.. so I'm not {o} very shy!
Always ready to PLAY!


- Rhys
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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Lukas.S
Hello Rhys,

sorry, it will be quite unlikely that we're going to be at Vancouver.

You may meet our staff at Superbooth or maybe some other events in Europe. NAMM is handled mainly by our colleagues from KORG, who do our distribution in the US, so only few of our staff will be there.

Keep in mind that our team changed over the years. Wolfgang Palm isn't working here, he's got his own company and projects.

Before you post: Have you checked our FAQ and Support section yet?
Contact us there if you have any issues or bugs to report.

"I've seen things... So many things that you can't believe. Past designs, future designs, cables in the bend."

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1 year 6 months ago #3 by rhyspaulhovey
ah,. that's too bad,... being at Vancouver, would be great,..

Unfortunately, I have very real problems getting to Europe these days, to explore my 1/4 German roots.
I can only hope the "mast" of such a request will reverberate through time, like an infinite canyon, by the Sea.
Perhaps, I will end up in the UK, and I will be ready to get "sloshed" in Berlin! I'd like to visit "David Hilbert's" grave!
Plenty of unexplored territory, left in audio software! (This is true now, more than ever!)
Glad to see Waldorf "Trail Blazing", and making #1 Hardware again!



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