Largo - Volume parameters of oscillators and filters not functioning

3 years 1 month ago #1 by chakko
Hey Waldorf,

I already posted this in the german section of the forum, but, will do also in the english forum: In Largo 1.7.2 64-bit, under Windows 10, the volume parameters of both the oscillators and the filters are not working. Basically, when you click and drag them to adjust the parameters, they won't change. All the click and drag does is change the balance/pan parameters of the oscillators and filters. There seems to be a bug with the volume parameters. This video shows the issue:!Asq_J3FOGuuFinAoskN50qi940O4

This was tested in both Cubase Artist 9, and Studio One 3 Pro, both 64-bit, under Windows 10. The issue doesn't seem to exist in Largo 1.7.2 under Mac OS X Yosemite, which i tested too. So, i figure it is Windows only. Hope you guys can fix it, cheers.

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