How to use an external LFO in the mod matrix to control the cutoff, reso, etc?

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #1 by 1bpm
I use a modular LFO for extremely long cycles and wondering why it does not work through the cv-in as a controller for cycling the cutoff or reso.
I did configure the mod matrix input cv1 to control cutoff.
When latching a note or playing an external analog sequencer yes the Iridium plays but no cycle is heard.
I further tested the mod matrix by having the LFO control the pitch, but nothing happened as well.
The ext LFO I tried sine, saw and sq and set the level & symmetry at various levels, but none worked.
Now my question: is this a bug or do I do something wrong?

I got it working.
Patch cable was broken.
Please delete this post, thank you.
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