Blofeld off by 2 patches from Bigglesworth. Also, encoders jump Banks

1 year 6 days ago #1 by catfart
I love my Blofeld!

but does anyone know about this bug?

I have an issue after I bought and installed the sample license. Not sure if the issue is the license update or the third-party patch librarian I've been using called Bigglesworth. Because I did the update and started using Bigglesworth the same hour, and about two hours after that, I later noticed this issue:

I've been using Bigglesworth to go through each bank, and edit and/or replace the factory patches I don't like. I'm getting rid of about half the factory patches.

Got through A bank no problem. At some point in B bank, the patches in the Blofeld got out of sync with Bigglesworth by exactly two patches.

i.e. the patch at number 60 in Bigglesworth was number 58 in my Blofeld, etc.

Also, sometimes when scrolling the encoders through a bank, while the cat filter was off, it would jump from one bank to another, and I'm not at the end of a bank. Happens sometimes in the middle. And the encoders feel smooth.

Both these issues were the case even after rebooting both the computer, Blofeld, and Bigglesworth. Also did an extra sync just to make sure. Bug still happening.

I'm on Win 10 latest version, 64-bit, i7, 32 Gb RAM.

Have you had this issue? Is there a fix?


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1 year 3 days ago #2 by megamarkd
Does it do it when you use the Blofeld without the librarian running? Or when using Spectre? I've seen a jumpy main encoder, but that was on a Blofeld Keys and definitely a damaged encoder (a friend was sold a defective unit second hand, got it fixed by Waldorf at the seller expense and now loves it so much he said he hasn't played his Minilogue since he got the Blofeld back from Germany!).

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