Loading multiple custom samples

8 months 4 weeks ago #1 by sepulchre
Hello again,

I learned, somewhere, how to load a custom sample. I was actually trying to load the .wav for use as a wavetable but got sample A1 instead. Not sure how that happened. It's a good sample and I'm using it. But it's the only one I have.

I have Audio Term - great for wavetables . . . well, some waves. Can't make it work with some even when they're 44.1k HZ and 16 bit.

The user sample area is not mentioned in the manual as far as I have found. So what must one do to load in more than one sample?

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8 months 4 weeks ago #2 by sepulchre
Ok, I did some experimenting last night but the results were disheartening.
In Spectre I load a .wav file I made. It was automatically named A1. So in an attempt to get a second one in with it I clicked the New button and viola! A2 appeared. So I load a second .wav file and it seemed to have worked - click A1 and the first waveform showed in the right hand column; click A2 and the second was shown. So I highlighted each in turn and saved them resulting in two .xml files with their respective names. Great!
Then I tried transmitting them to the Blofeld. The first one went in fine, taking its name with it and was shown as A1. But when I played it I heard the second waveform, not the first. So I tried transmitting the second but it didn't go in as A2. Instead, it replaced A1 and changed the name to the second. Playing it revealed it was still the second waveform.
I tried loading both waves into Spectre again and saving that as a set with A1 and A2 named accordingly. Transmitting that .xml yielded exactly the same result as either of the first two .xml files.

So, wtf?! How does one go about getting more than one sample into the Blofeld? I mean besides the ones provided by Waldorf on their site in the form of .wpc files?

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8 months 3 weeks ago #3 by UpTop
Hello. I'm still somewhat new to Blofeld and I have a Blokeys. After a LOT of messing around with Spectre, this is what I found:

1. You can load multiple samples, but depending on what you want to do with them, there are a few options in how you go about doing this:
a. You want to load multiple samples so that each sample is on its own key, therefore:
i. Using Spectre (it's a turd btw), you can hit the "New" button and that creates "Bank A1". Within A1 you have to use the controls in Spectre to map each
individual sample to each key. You load each individual sample by hitting the "Load" button on the RIGHT side of the columns, after which you assign
this sample to a key using the Spectre controls. On a computer keyboard, the CTRL and ALT buttons assist in assigning the "root key" and "highest
key" for each sample respectively, just hold one or the other and press the desired key on the keyboard (if you have the keys version..if you don't then I
don't know....) If this is the way you want to load up samples, keep in mind that sending your samples to Blofeld when they are configured in Spectre in
this way will overwrite any existing samples you might already have on the Blofeld. There is an exception to this "law" though, and it actually plays into
the next part of this explanation.
b. You want to load multiple samples so that each sample is its own "bank", but you don't want to lose any samples currently loaded into Blofeld:
i. Using the Turd (Spectre), you HAVE to pre-load your banks into Spectre FIRST. If you don't know how to get your already-loaded samples FROM the
Blofeld INTO the Turd, then you've already messed up and you should start over. A few notes on starting over:
ia. Create a new bank by hitting "New" and load your sample using the "Load" button on the RIGHT side of the columns. Adjust the controls how you
want so the sample plays like you need. Do this with EACH sample for that BANK.
ib. Create ANOTHER bank using the "New" button, so that now you have bank "A2". Repeat the step above to load your samples for this bank. Once
you have finished creating ALL banks with ALL of your samples NOW SAVE YOUR BANKS as whatever file format that the Turd spits out. I think
it's .xml or something.
c. You want to append your samples already loaded on the Blofeld with a NEW bank of samples, or just some new banks each with one sample (I don't know
what you're into)
i. Using the Turd, open your previously saved .xml (or whatever) file by hitting the "Load" button.
ii. Now hit the "New" button - PRESTO you have a new bank that you can load samples into. It should be named Ax (x being the next numerical value).
ii. Finish working out your samples like you want them on that new bank or new banks.
iii. WITH ALL OF YOUR NEWLY CREATED BANKS HIGHLIGHTED hit the "Transmit" button - PRESTO you now have appended the samples already
loaded on the Blofeld with the new sample banks. Your existing samples are intact (hopefully, Spectre is a turd as I mentioned after all) and your new
banks are simply added onto the end.

I say Spectre is a turd because it has several flaws. In addition to a window inside the program that (I guess?) is supposed to provide information on the samples but doesn't because the window won't resize to show all of the text, there is also the fact that I have to first load up my samples the way I want them, transmit those samples, then move the first sample to the end of the sample bank and re-transmit to the Blofeld. Why? Because if I don't then the first sample DOESN'T PLAY!!! Actually, sometimes it does play, but then it isn't affected by the filters and controllers like the rest of the samples. Putting that sample at the end fixes the problem, but only after I've already loaded them. Then there's the issue where the progress window jumbles all of the words into a single line so you don't really know what's happening when transmitting the samples. Like I said. Turd. I really hope this helps some folks. Lawd knows I've spent enough hours troubleshooting and not writing. I hope this saves someone the trouble.

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8 months 3 weeks ago #4 by sepulchre
Awesome! Your hard won efforts have certainly paid off, not only for you but for me as well. Thank you so much. I tried and tried but after some time was so frustrated I gave up, not knowing how close I was. There were only one or two things I missed but mainly highlighting all the banks before transmitting. I was trying (over and over) to transmit them separately, obviously to no avail.
One question: you mentioned getting the custom samples already installed from the Blofeld into the turd. But you didn't say how that's done. I'm just curious here. I don't have to do this because I'm keeping all my custom samples in a .xml file so it doesn't matter if what's already there gets overwritten. Still, I'd like to know. The manual makes no mention at all of custom samples, where they can reside or how to install or even use them - kind of a big hole in a manual, eh?
Anyway, thanks again for the info. Next I'll be looking at wavetables. But for now you have opened a huge number of possibilities.

Kenneth Graves

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8 months 3 weeks ago #5 by UpTop
I'm glad it helped. I stumbled my way through and made just about every mistake on the way, but eventually I got there. As to your question on getting samples FROM the Blofeld - well, I only said that to hopefully prevent someone from overwriting something they might not want to lose if they bought a used Blofeld, for example, and it has some custom samples already on it. I didn't really want to get into options for dumping samples FROM the Blofeld, as in my opinion the post was for UPloading samples. I probably could have worded that better though haha.

I'm not sure, but a Sysex dump MIGHT also save the samples along with the sound set. I haven't tried though.

Yeah, highlighting the banks is the ticket, and from what I've read it used to take a really long time to load samples because the older OS versions required that the ENTIRE sample banks be loaded if any new samples were added on. Now once you have your sample banks on the Blofeld, you still need to load up the Turd with your banks, but NOW the Blofeld OS will ignore the already-loaded banks and simply load the new ones you add on at the end.

I haven't even started with the wavetables yet. I was geeking out about the modifiers though. This is a REALLY deep synth. I hope to actually play some songs with it soon lol.

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