Samples not playing after upgrading to SL License

7 months 1 week ago #1 by hardman
I've upgraded to the SL license and followed all the instructions. I've installed the Alien Space Collaborative presets and the HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-A-128.wpc set of samples that it uses.
I've restarted the Blofeld and it displays SL Licenses on its start up screen.

However when I select presets from the Alien Space Collaborative set many are totally silent.

Here's an example of one which isn't silent: Metal Rich, for this I can see oscillator one is using Sample A41, Oscilator 2 is usingthe wavetable Sine Sync 2 and oscillator 3 is turned off.
If I turn down the level of oscillator 2 then there's no sound at all (yes the level of orc 1is turned up).

An example of one which is totally silent is DarkRealms, this has sample A84 for osc1, sample A52 for oscillator 2 and oscillator 3 is off.
If I edit osc1 and sweep through the samples, I hear nothing, its only if I change it to use a wavetable that I can hear something.

So all the samples appear to be silent.

One thing I've noticed is that in the sample names.txt that accompanies HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-A-128.wpc, the sample names have actual names i.e. Cpl-ArcaneSpere, but on my Blofeld the samples just have names like A84 etc.

Does this mean the samples didn't actually get transmitted? Wht not? I waited for the transfer via Spectr to finish and restarted the Blofeld. I did this twice.
Its not reporting an error, did they actually get transferred or not?
If not then what are the Samples A84, A52 etc. and why are they silent?

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6 months 3 weeks ago - 6 months 3 weeks ago #2 by pinup57
Hi, I just just experienced the same thing, it means the samples have not been transmitted. I succceeded on the 3rd attempt. The display of the Blofeld will show a special screen saying to be patient while updating. If you don't see that screen, it doesn't work. I got it to work after rebooting the PC with the Blofeld plugged in a PC USB port (no hub) and making sure that the Blofeld oport is enabled in Spectre.
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