2-pole: Expression pedal and stereo use?

4 years 7 months ago #1 by HelderP
I want to buy a 2-pole filter but I wanted to process stereo channels - what are your suggestions for this?

I guess I could buy two units and feed the left channel into one and the right into the other. I could "automate" the two by feeding the same audio or cv signal to the two boxes, to the cutoff, env or gate cv ins, correct? I would need to set all the knobs to the same values for the same effect and there could be som minor deviations but that should be fine.

However it would be impossible to sync perfectly the LFOs (only manually), but I guess I could send an audio lfo signal into the cutoff cv input, correct?

I have no eurorack so I cannot send true CVs but I can send audio oscillating in volume, correct?

I also have a Moog EP-3 expression pedal - could I use this to modulate the cutoff via the cv input? It is a passive expression pedal, so not sure it would work.

Any other suggestions for stereo use are welcomed!

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