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Change log

 - fix missing notes some people experienced in situations of voice stealings

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- Fixing bug related to overshooting analog filter curve.


- Filter Calibration
    - In Global->System->Calibration you can calibrate analog filters
    - Recommended to do this after 10 min warm up phase


- MIDI Sync
    - Improving accuracy

- Screen Selection

    - When pressing a top button like OSC, LFO etc. multiple times it will move to the next subscreen like from LFO1 to LFO2 etc.
    - Control/Timbre subscreen selection will keep persistent when switching from OSC x to OSC y

- Display Encoder

    - Normal/Fine/Superfine setting will be kept on a parameter basis when switching screens rsp. returning

- Wavetable

    - New option to load a single-cycle waveform which is in fact a very short wav/aif file which sample are interpreted as a single-cycle of a wave
    - Good sizes are from 200 to 1024 samples. Size can be odd. You could use longer files but waveform will be averaged to max 1024 in case.
    - An 8 position wavetable will be created morphing the single-cycle wave into a sine.
    - Free single-cycle waveforms are for ex. found here https://www.adventurekid.se/akrt/waveforms/ but there are many more available free and commercial
    - Please choose Wave format

- Global->Pitch

    - New interactive editor for editing scale definitions or creating scales from scratch
    - When selecting an user tuning in Global->Pitch select “Edit Tuning”
    - Create an equal tuning from scratch by giving number of steps and repeating interval (like 1200 cents for an octave or anything else)
    - Edit individual steps by specifying interval in cents from root, from previous step or by numeric ratio like 5/4
    - Skip certain keys to distribute scale notes over keyboard to be more playable
    - Edit repeating interval in cents or as a ratio
    - Auto select last played note in tuning list for interactive editing
    - Tune individual steps by holding a note and then turn interval encoder

- Rename, Copy & Paste of user tunings

    - Inport & Export Scala .scl files
    - From/to local Flash or SD Card
    - Apart from 8 active user tunings you can store in local Flash many more by using import/export
    - Checkout the wonderful and free Scala app: http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/
    - Scala .scl files are read by many other synths and Quantum has the interactive editor for scale creation
    - Import of Scala files now also work for scale definitions with just the scale steps and a 'octave' interval (instead of having all 128 keys defined)

- Envelopes

    - Short attacks with long release times improved

- Bug Fixes

    - Using very short audio files with "Analyze Audio" in Wavetable Osc fixed.
    - Using very short envelope times and also modulate them.
    - Fixing clicks at release end while other notes in sustain.
    - Arpeggio: Sometime too low, or chord hold wasn't working, or even sometimes no arp at all.
    - Fixing oscillator artifacts for extreme pitches.
    - Further technical fixes.

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Changes in 1.1.1

- Wavetable
    - New moodulation destination "Wavetable Travel"
- Audio Output
    - New settings in Global->Settings->Audio which allows for a global override of main/aux output settings for timbres
        - In Layer view, it will be noted by "Global Semnd Main" if global override is active
        - By this you can globally assign each layer to certain outputs independend of patch settings and keep this constant
- MIDI Sync
    - Sync settings now global instead of patch dependent
- System Info
    - New "Total power on time" measure in Global->System->Info will display cumulative power on time (counted from this version on)
- Support Log
    - Support Log in Global->System massively extended with information useful in support scenarios like crashes or bugs
- Crash Handling
    - Quantum will self-detect crashes in most of the scenarios
    - Audio will be automatically disabled to avoid digital artifacts
    - A message will be show to user with the option to restart the machine
    - Crash information will be saved and included in Global->System->Support Log even when power has been switched off
- Namings & Messages
    - "Keytrack" renamed to "Pitch Keytrack" on Control screens of Osc to avoid confusion with other keytracks
    - New message when no SD card found makes hint to user that SD card might not be inserted upside down
- Production Testing
    - New "Test All Filters" run will test all filters in sequence
    - Former voice filter tests will test only certain voice filters
- Fixes
    - DIN Midi Clock input fixed for sync
    - Setting search paths for patches with missing samples from multiple directories fixed
    - Flickering of screen fixed for certain wavetable displays
    - Many stabilization fixes

How to update Quantum

English: Copy the file "quantum.update.bin" into the main directory of a FAT formatted SD card and insert the card into the Quantum. Start the process with Global>System>Update. Quantum will update itself automatically and will restart. This will take less than a minute.

Deutsch: Die Datei "quantum.update.bin" auf das Hauptverzeichnis einer FAT-formatierten SD-Karte speichern und die SD-Karte in den Quantum einlegen. Im Quantum mit Global>System>Update den Vorgang starten. Der Quantum führt den Updatevorgang selbstständig aus und startet dann neu. Dies dauert weniger als eine Minute.

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