Analog vs. Digital

Analog vs. Digital
30,00 €

by Ph.D. Ingo Weidner

This soundset contains various classic analog and digital sounds, similar to well known synthesizers such as PPG Wave 2.3, PPG 2.V, Yamaha DX7, Moog Minimoog, SCI Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, ARP 2600, Elka Synthex or Hammond Novachord. There are also some completely new sounds with a complexity far beyond the limitations of such archetypes.

The set includes one SoundDriver-Library with 128 sounds and 8 midi files. Each midi file contains the same sounds, offering the possibility to replace any of the eight soundbanks in Blofeld with these 128 sounds.

Listen to all 128 sounds in 8 audio examples here:

Analog vs. Digital Sounds 1...16
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 17...32
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 33...48
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 49...64
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 65...80
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 81...96
Analog vs. Digital Sounds 97...112

Note that no external effects are applied here. Each sound is played for about a minute.

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