License SL

License SL
103,00 €

For Blofeld Desktop only! Blofeld Keyboard has License SL pre-installed.

License SL is the Sample Play Option for Blofeld desktop. With this license, 60 Megabyte of Sample Flash Memory are available for factory or user samples. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld's synthesis engine just like oscillators - an enormous extension to Blofeld's sonic possibilities!

This offer is a download item. The boxed version can be purchased from your local dealer.

You need a  Challenge Code from your Blofeld for the installation. Please download the Blofeld Challenge file. The Challenge file must be sent to your Blofeld via MIDI, just like a normal MIDI sequence. Insert the file into your DAW and play it back to Blofeld at 60bpm. Then, Blofeld will show a Challenge Code on the screen. This code needs to be entered into myWaldorf>Coupon Code Redemption.
For an installation guide and further downloads, please go to our support portal.

These two soundsets will be included in the License SL package:

  • Technohouse
  • Alien Space Collaborative

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