Has anyone managed to run Spectre on Mac OS Big Sur

8 Monate 3 Stunden her #1 von nerdyferdy
Hi everybody,

i was wondering if anybody was able to get Spectre to run on Mac OS Big Sir Vers. 11.5.2.
I am running into several error messages when trying to open spectre. 

First it said, this software will harm your computer. However I could solve this by checking a box in information panel of the spectre file called -> "Schutz gegen Schadsoftware überschreiben"
Then I ran into another error message, saying I have not the necessary rights to open this file. Don't understand as my user has admin rights on my Mac. 

Has anybody a solution to this problem? 
Actually the Version of Spectre should run on Big Sur, at least that's what the readme.file of spectre says. 


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7 Monate 3 Wochen her #2 von Winfried
Due to one or more software updates in Mac OS 11, Spectre can no longer be loaded.We are working on a solution and will provide the update as soon as possible.We will inform you about it.
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