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I would like to return from my first experience with the Quantum.
I bought the Quantum on Saturday (2 days ago). I quickly took in hand largely without reading the manual. The machine is great!
This feedback is mainly about what I miss on the device.
- The compressor button: which seems to have no editing functions: I was not immediately successful in editing the parameters of the compressor at the final output.
- Modulation sources: it is not possible to use OSCs to modulate a source. Instead I use an LFO. Which amputates me from an LFO. It would be more than normal to have CSOs as a source of control in the matrix.
- Analog filters: the filters available are only in the LP position !? Impossible to switch from a low pass to a high pass filter. So no hi pass or notch on the analog filter. It is a very big lack for my taste.
- Digital filters: there is an excess of unnecessary filters. If I find LP filter in analog, why put it back (Nav version for example) in digital? It would be better to replace them with more useful digital filters like a reverb, a ring modulator, or flanger / phaser filter, screamer etc. I find that digital filters can be greatly supplemented.
- Resonator OSC: I also did not understand the usefulness of the Resonator oscillator. I find it a bit unnecessary. I will do my research ... on the usefulness of such a CSO.
- The destinations in the matrix: I think there may be more destination points; for example the reverb.

Although these points are important to me, the machine remains very interesting and I am delighted to be able to use it. However, I will illustrate these points exposed above in a word file with photo captures and graphic illustrations to try to understand the importance of certain additions.

Thank you for your attention.
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9 Monate 3 Wochen her #2 von lvbeethoven
"In composition, they say that a piece can always be improved. It's true ..."
We can associate this sentence with can ready for anything.

Quantum can always be improved, but the more I discover Quantum, the happier I am to have a copy ... and the more delighted I am to be able to imagine what it is possible to do with such a tool.

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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #3 von lvbeethoven
What do you think of the possibility of importing and saving samples internally?

I'll have a look in the manual, but at first glance and after a few tries, I find it complicated. The ergonomics for importing (usb / SD) audio files that they save internally are not very accessible. It's very slow ... In the immediate future, I will carry out a first experiment and will see in the manual if a way to proceed more efficiently.

An opinion on the subject?

Thank you

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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #4 von paulinwales
can't say I ever had a problem with it other than the internal storage being relatively small.

beta 3 introduces being able to load samples from the usb/sd card without having to bring into the internal storage first. Given how cheap large capacity sd cards and usb sticks are now, this suits me far better.

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