Deleting patches & associated samples / Exporting patches & associated samples

2 Jahre 2 Monate her #7 von corkyburger
LOL, thanks for the advice! I'm cool with limitations, though I'm not sure why a keyboard with such wonderful sound manipulating power should have such a memory limitation! But there it is, and I'm used to working around such things (I've used Akai S950s since the '90s), but I'd love to hear some advice on best practice for navigating this limitation. So, right now I have over 100 patches and I have maxed out the internal memory with the samples for those patches. I enjoy using field recordings in my work and the Quantum absolutely screams out for loading longer recordings that you can then manipulate. Scanning through recordings using the Granular engine is great. Its one of the main reasons I got the Quantum. I'm not really interested in repeating the sounds of the Fairlight, as popular as that system might have been!

I don't think I'm asking too much that one day samples might be loaded per patch from a drive, rather than all held in memory that requires a fiddly process of remembering which patches use which samples, when you have to delete them to make room for a new sample.

Until that day (hopefully comes) I'm just trying to work out a workaround.
So I guess I can export those 100 patches with associated samples. then clear the memory so I can continue to sample for new patches.

Out of interest is there a quick way of seeing which patches use which samples? Or maybe which samples are linked to which patch?

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