Waldorf Soundcorner - any chance to get these sounds ?

5 Jahre 5 Monate her #1 von t-bass
I´m sure, you all know the Waldorf-Soundcorner.
It seems like all the stuff is online, but after a fresh registration
for the corner, i can't login.
The received e-mail to activate the account brings me to a page with a 404 error message.

So my question: Has anybody these sounds to share?
Or had a functioning account and could download the sounds?
I´m searching all the Q+, Q and µQ sounds. ;-)

Thank you in advance.

cu t-bass
Q-Key (Halloween) + Voice -Expansion
Q-Rack (yellow)
µQ (blue)
MicroWave II (Board 3)
MicroWave xt (Board 3)
Blofeld Key (black)
and other stuff ;-)

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