Exciting new OSC 3 Triangle bug :)

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Hi all! this is my first post :P

I've been the proud owner of the Pulse 2 since 02/2014.

****So before cutting to the chase here's my disclaimer:****
1) I am not sure if my unit has developed a defect through time, and despite the fact that I heavily doubt it did (considering the fact that I haven't lost any functionality). it may still be a possibility.

2) There is no guarantee of a connection between the fact that I updated my device from Firmware v1.14 to v1.17 and the appearance of the "problem", since there is a chance that the behavior has always been there and that I just hadn't noticed it before.

3) I have tried reverting to 1.14 , with no change in behavior, so I reverted back to 1.17 again, but it doesn't mean that 1.17 may not still have had a lingering effect when I reverted back to 1.14.
(I'm using Winamp v5.666 as means to update the firmware as this is the only program that could read a midi file without being a DAW and where I found I could select the routing of the midi out port (unlike windows media player))

My unit is connected exclusively with a midi cable through an RME Fireface UCX, and I use Ableton Live 9 to send Midi notes to the device with the assistance of a Korg Microkey keyboard connected to my PC via USB.

So here are the steps to reproduce the bug 100% of the time on my device:

1. Power the device ON of course.
2. Select an init patch.
3. Set the Pulse 2 main volume output to any level, it has no importance (I suggest 2 o'clock anyways)
4. Select OSC 1, and set osc volume to zero.
5. Select OSC 3, select the Triangle waveform, and bring the osc volume up (I suggest 60)
*At this stage, try sending midi notes to the device, you should hear a normal triangle waveform*
6. Press a note on your midi keyboard between C2 and C4 and keep it pressed down so that sound comes out constantly.
7. Select OSC 1 or 2 (steps 6 and 7 can be inverted)
****Here is the part that activates the "bug" (AKA Pulse 2 secret waveform!! *spoiler*)****
8. While some sound is still coming out of the device (since you are still pressing down a random note on your keyboard), attempt to change the waveform shape of OSC 1 or 2 by rotating the "shape" pot constantly at a normal speed. When doing this 1 of 2 things will happen, possibly randomly:
a) You will detect movement in the sound coming out of the device every time a different waveform is selected on OSC 1 or 2 (although their volumes are both at zero),similar to a mild/smooth popping sound, like an amplification envelope being triggered.
b)(this is the desired effect to showcase the bug) You will notice a radical change in the waveform coming out, at which point you must stop tweaking the shape knob of OSC 1 or 2, and you can release the note and start playing the synth normally again afterwards (at least in the interval between C2 and C4, I think if you go too low it fixes the OSC 3, I still don't know all the implications of the bug of course) . You will notice that the waveform has gone from a triangle waveform to a beefed up sawtooth-like waveform unlike any other waveform that you can obtain normally by selecting any of the initial waveforms available on any other oscillators. (This is something that I have verified using an oscilloscope) The audible waveform has a very pleasing tonality and has a physical appearance noticeably different yet familiar to a sawtooth waveform, maybe it's a sawtooth/triangle I don't really know. This being said the "secret waveform" always has the exact same shape/tone signature

Depending on the waveform that you will stumble upon (talking about OSC 1 or 2) when the random waveform change occurs on OSC 3 while you are varying the waveform of OSC 1 or OSC 2, you can bring up the volume of OSC 1 and 2 and get new tones. Another important thing to notice as well is the fact that if you save the patch, when you go to another patch and come back to this one, the "special" OSC3 behavior will have disappeared (back to triangle waveform), meaning that in order to trigger the "secret waveform" again, you have to repeat the steps 6,7, and 8.

I'm very curious to see if this is something that others can reproduce as well, I kinda hope so because otherwise it would mean that my particular unit may have a defect.

Anyway, cheers! :cheer:
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I have started this topic on the "Deutsches Forum" by accident, sorry about that! If you are interested in further precisions on this subject, please look for the thread with the same title in the Pulse 2 english forum :)

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