Volume difference on drive modes - will the display ever be updated?

10 Monate 3 Tage her #1 von nerdyferdy
Hi there,

i have received my pulse 2 yesterday. I already had the blofeld for years and can live with its bugs ;-)
I played with the pulse 2 for 3hours straight and there were 2 things that bothered me. Maybe someone can spread some light for me.

1. I´ve noticed that when a drive mode is selected (tube or fuzz), the audio level drops significantly. Is this a common behavior or is my unit defectiv?

2. Will there ever come a firmware update to make better use of the display? I knew there is only one small line below were you can see the parameter value. but especially the envelopes are terrible to edit when you only see 1 parameter and that only after you turn the knob. I saw mockups were somebody made a gif displaying all 4 ADSR parameters in the first row on the display. This would be such a huge improvement. I know its a rather old device and waldorf probably dont wanna focus on this too much. However i will never understand why someone would waste that huge display with a overdimensional preset name. 

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