Waldorf Pulse 2 Soundset - Vol.2 by miksamusic.com

2 Jahre 1 Monat her - 2 Jahre 1 Monat her #1 von miksa
Dear Pulse 2 owners,

I proudly announce the continuation of my previous soundbank: another 40 high quality presets for Waldorf Pulse 2 analogue synthesiser. This soundset contains massive and powerful sounds for use in any genre of professional electronic music production, house, dance, trance and progressive.
Every patch has modulation wheel assigned and almost all of them are velocity and/or aftertouch sensitive too.
You can get it on my website: www.miksamusic.com/store/soundset-for-waldorf-pulse-2-vol-2
Listen to the demo on SoundCloud:

All the best,

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