My Pulse 2 does not drop sound after pressing a note(working fine now)

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hello can anybody help i been dealing with this issue for 3 days straight and is driving me crazy. i dont know what todo other than taking it to a technician but i figure maybe somebody might know the answer here

so i havent used my pulse 2 in two years and i took it out to start using it again and the problem happen. whenever i used it. sometimes everything is fine for a little bit or it happens really fast as soon as i start using the synth. well when i start playing a note on my midi keyboard all of a sudden the sound never drops and stays in the sustain portion of the sound and the only way to make it stop is by turning it off. any help would be apreciated. maybe the amp env is busted dont know. but thats the thing sometimes it goes for like 10 mins working fine.

first i thought it was a firmware issue. i had 1.7 so i changed to 1.2 and the issue still there. also something weird happen when i updated. the preset bank went from having 500 presets to having 400 and 100 empty spots. :( also the presets are different)

please anybody help me with this i love the sound of the pulse and i would hate to get rid of it.

update: so after thinking it was the synth for 3 days and doing a bunch of sh****t come to find out it was a midi problem that i had because now my soft synth are doing the same thing. figure i leave the post up in case anybody else is expiriencing this. am buying a new midi keyboard today and see if that fixes it. any help would be a appreciated.

Update 2: After another few days i think i found the culprit. i tested different midi controllers, cables, interfaces, and different synths to no solution. i am really fustrated at this point because now all of a sudden i cant write music all my synths and soft synths do the same. i came a across a midi log and i got this message. JUCE Assertion failure in processors/juce_AudioProcessor.cpp:142. dont know what it means but i am going to reset all my usb drivers and midi drivers. as my last attempt at this. or am going to have to reinstall windows 10 or reverted to an earlier stage. everything started happening after either of these two things. me starting to use the pulse again. and me installing the monstrum media plug in for the pulse 2.
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JUCE is an application framework needed for running some DAWs. I'd not jump to reinstalling Windows immediately, but check if removing the JUCE driver and reinstalling it resolves the issue first. Also check if it is even a driver you need for running any of your audio/MIDI device's software. If it's a leftover from a program you no longer use you can get away with deleting it. It may be out of date and causing havoc for as Win10 might be not able to deal with it's resource requests. Reinstalling your OS should always be last resort as it's the same as burning down your house and rebuilding it and you really don't want to do that because a light socket needs replacing.

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