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I love ppg3v but its looking more like they are dropping support for it...not 1 update in over a year....I was really hoping for an overhaul and some stability but I'm not so sure it will ever get past the latest version.
I have had good support from them in the past but recently there seems to be very little interaction with customers.

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Again - agreed.

The synth is too good to be abandoned. AND! It is a true relic! (I did have a PPG Wave 2 and then a PPG Wave 2.2 back in the 80's).
I'm a tad puzzled by the fact that mr. Hartmann has been involved in making the GUI. It doesn't really show - does it? Keep the blue and the vintage look, but make it more user friendly - i.e. add MIDI-learn and make the thing scalable.

Complaints aside - there is no need to update software that doesn't need to be updated. Heck - I bought mine this Christmas!! (2018) - so - if they're still selling it - it's also supported.

Oh - and apart from the GUI and MIDI-learn.. I do not like the file system. It's very "SteinbergCubasy".. any softsynth should have it's own way of handling files keeping track of it's own sounds.

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