Nave and iOS not working nicely.

3 Jahre 6 Monate her #1 von Aricastudio
I have sync problems using Nave and Cubasis on a iPad Pro latest iOS.
I also have a iPad 4 running the last iOS for that iPad, iOS 10.x.x.
Nave crashes when loading from Cubasis as an Inter App Synth.
PPG Infinite also does same.
I managed to get it working by first opening Nave and then Cubasis and it finally worked.
However turning IN: Clock On next to Cubasis or Network Session on this iPad does nothing.
It does not even disable the tempo function on Nave so it can still be changed by moving the tempo knob on the Tape & Sys place or the Speed knob in the Arp page.
So something is not really working right.
On the iPad Pro with the latest iOS selecting Clock In On at least disables Nave's inner tempo setting even if it gets set to a totally arbitrary number.
I was thinking about buying other Waldorf software but this has me spooked.

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