Nave Arp does not sync to Ext MIDI Tempo - Cubasis

3 Jahre 6 Monate her #1 von Aricastudio
This is really upsetting.
I am using Nave inside Cubasis.
I cannot get the Nave Arp to sync to Cubasis Tempo.
It displays a totally random number 125 bpm, another time 93bpm.
Does not matter what I select for tempo in Cubasis.
In Nave - Tape & Sys tab - under MIDI - Dev, I select In: Clock "On" next to Cubasis and/or Network Sessions and I get a random bpm.
If I leave In: Clock set to Off "-" Then I can manually change the tempo and even use the mod wheel to do it but that is very inaccurate.
In Cubasis I can select tempo by tapping so it is possible to match a beat or click or drummer.
That is not possible in Nave itself. Plus if using more than one synth on Cubasis with arpeggiators running then it is a total mess.

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