Nave Speaks - Radioactive Rhapsody - user demo

6 Jahre 3 Monate her #1 von Tomfabinski
I used Nave to speak the title in this video. I set the key and chord in the arpeggiator function to get Nave to speak in tune and in the right key. And I set the arpeggiator tempo to match the drum tempo so that Nave speaks in sync with the drums which are Toontracks EZDrummer rock. I used Nave's arpeggiator to play a few different patterns, again in sync with the drums, for the sound track. I also used the X - Y pads to manually control resonance and cutoff. I mixed the drums and the Nave arpeggios in multitrack daw app with final mixdown in Pinnacle Pro app. I hope you enjoy listening (with headphones!) and watching (set YT to HD!)


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