Patch hunter Cubase device panel for Waldorf Microwave 1 OS2

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Ok Everyone,

I didn't found any usable patch librarian for this great synth, and I like
to dive quickly into the endless number of presets, so I build up a device panel,
for browsing (not for editing).

Every freely downloadable sysex dump are included from the official Waldorf site.
Unfortunately I found a few damaged and missing banks in the Soundset and Wavepool series,
but fortunately everything fixed (I hope) by comparing and rebuilding the Atari+Mac+Pc file versions.

The panel is similar to a ROM card, which contains
complete MIDI dumps, as well as the disassembled sysex messages also.
So you can load singles , multis , wave control tables, waves, tuning tables...
together and also independently from any integrated midi dump.

A silent YT demo here:
YT demo

The download links are here:

3 cards version

4 cards wider version

ATTENTION 1! Please create a backup by one of your favourite MIDI utility from you Microwave's memory before the using of the panel!
ATTENTION 2! You will need flawless MIDI communication between Cubase and the Microwave!

The individual single-multi programs will be stored only into the Edit Buffers. (You will lose them by turning off/on the MW1)
The other functions will be overwrite your current data. (sending wavetables, waves , sending all singles, multis, tuning tables..)

Don't forget to copy the presets folder(
"MIDI Snapshot Waldorf microWave I 63E4030B2DB641CFA69732331B408FD1" ) to you Cubase preset folder.
For example Win10 environment Cubase 11:  
"c:\Users\"Your username here"\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets\"

- Because it is a Cubase device panel , every button pushing generates at least 3 sysex messages from the GUI :(
   The MW1 will ignore the unnecessary ones, because only one message contains the valid Waldorf MIDI ID, but hey, these messages are eating our narrow MIDI cables...
   So only the sort sysex messages has dedicated buttons.
   Cubase's preset browser is working right, so you will find the longer and complex sysex message sequences there, for example the complete wavetables or cartridge dumps.
- You can't add new dumps to the panel :(  

- If you are using a MW1 editor VST in Cubase, for example  "monstrumWave1" (like me), you have to set up MIDI routing, because those VST's need a dedicated MIDI port, which is invisible for Cubase.
    I'm using Bome MIDI Translator for splitting the real midi port into two virtual ports, and it does a great job.

- Total recall : When you load your project and if you are used the panel's preset browser the previously selected sysex messages will be sent to MW1. The trouble starts there, when you have another editor, like
    "monstrumWave1", which also try to send the total recall sysex messages to the device at same time.
    To avoid this I added a "!! Dummy !!" preset. You can select it before you save your project. So the next time when it will be loaded the "monstrumWave1"'s messages will reach their destination flawlessly.
Everything else :)

Some additional info:

The "~" wave character in the singles or multis names means : this preset is using an user wavetable and user waves.
The big "~" wave symbol on the GUI means : this bank contains user wavetables and waves.
The GUI's preset buttons send sound program's sysexes only, so you must send the wavetables separately from the menu (Wavetables And Waves (ALL)), or you can also use the "Sound Programs (Singles incl. User WaveTables)" from the menu.
If you want to store a single program or multi program from the edit buffer to the MicroWave's memory, you can use the buttons on the UTIL tab.

Tip1: You can record your Microwave's complete state (except the edit buffers!) by pressing the "REQUEST Cartride dump" button on the UTIL tab. And you can put it to the beginning of your Cubase project.

Tip2: Quick and full factory reset : just click on the "Complete Cartridge Dump (EVRYTHNG)\CR Factory" from the menu.

If you find this stuff useful, you can support me on paypal:
TheSynthArmada @

For an expanded version of the panel with your own midi dumps, contact me by PM. I can build them into it, but this is no longer part of my hobby and it will cost you a few bucks. ;)

I hope , I collected every useful info here,  have fun!

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