How to limit number of points in Microwave XT Wave Envelope

2 Jahre 1 Monat her #1 von SpaceJunk
Hi guys hope you're well,

I have an initialized sound which I've set the Env Amount of Wave 1 to +63. In the Wave Env editor, I have the following:

Time 1: 30
Level 1: 127
Time 2: 30
Level 2: 0
Time 3: 0
Level 3: 0
Time 4: 50
Level 4: 127
Time 5 - 8: 0
Level 5-8: 0

Key Off Loop - Loop End: 2 ( I've also tried setting this to 3 )

When I hit a note, I hear the wavetable advance all the way through, and then come back down again ( segments 1 and 2 ), however if I keep the note held, I then hear it ramp back up and then immediately drop to 0 ( segments 4+ ).

From the manual it says that the Key Off Loop - Loop End value is supposed to define the end of the wave envelope regardless of whether Key Off Loop is true or false.

Am I doing something wrong, or is something just up? The only way I can use shorter envelope stages is by matching the last Level value I want in all the remaining stages which is really time intensive so it'd be nice to have a way around it.

Thanks guys :)

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