Power issue

3 Jahre 3 Monate her #1 von The Tourist
Power issue wurde erstellt von The Tourist
My Microwave XT II is not powering up. I have the original huge blocky power supply and it doesn't smell burnt or weird, but I assume I should try a new power supply before taking it to a technician to get checked. The specs on the power supply indicate 15v 1000ma, but i'm having a hard time finding one that doesn't look really cheap or sketchy.

Is there a suitable substitute power supply Waldorf recommends for this?


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3 Jahre 2 Monate her #2 von megamarkd
megamarkd antwortete auf Power issue
Sorry about the late reply. I needed a 15vdc 3A PSU recently for a modular synth and found that eBay has a great number of sellers for this sort of thing. Mine ended up coming from a supply in my suburb and arrived the next day. It has the usual selection of tips and very hefty cabling from the wall plug to the brick and from the brick to the tip. The tip had thick connection pins and was actually a little bit of a struggle to connect, but that is a good thing I feel, as it means it won't come apart easily either.

I bought it after buying a psu from a store. The brand was one I had used many times over the years, but it seems the brand have started to use cheaper parts internally, as it didn't provide sufficient current and fried a module... After looking at a 20yr old psu from the same maker, with the same ratings which was still working (but I use for my 30yr old drum machine), I saw it had a different part number to the new one. I'm not buying that brand again (Powertech).

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