OS Updates and Features requested.

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I saw on gearspace this was posted from VladiS (who I believe is one of the creators of the M) and I wanted to start the thread here.

Updated list :1) Catch behavior of potentiometers controls
2) Some sysexes to support future editor
3) MW2 filter modes
4) Bank select messages
5) CC filters as default lock of CC7 and CC10 not always desired
6) Random init improvement to support the added digital VCF modes properly.
7) Scala files support for 12 notes scales (load from SD)
8) Symmetry control for LFO Random to control lag of Random wave generation
9) Slow/Normal/Fast LFO modes (1/10x, 1x, 4x)
10) Locking notes - to support drones
11) Night mode - all buttons (except Hard Sync, Mode, and Glide) underlit with minimum brightness
12) Minimal possible brightness for LFO LEDs / separate brightness setting for LFO LEDs
13) Quit from the save screen immediately
14) Glide mode with exponential scaling of time instead of current linear
15) Special VCA parameter to swap Velocity and Mod2 in place.
16) Expand PitchBend parameter of OSC to range ±48 semitones

Questionable :
17) Having Noise / Osc signal as a mod source - required massive performance test in all modes
18) Saving last loaded patch into internal flash - required special software to determine the real amount of write cycles which definitely destroy flash.
19) Perhaps, some extras for the patch category filtering - require reinstallation of soundbanks + classification of all existing sounds in the factory soundbanks20) Bit reduction parameter for oscillators - requires changes in the ASIC emulation. Should not be a problem in the Modern Mode

  I am looking forward to new features and hopefully a full array of digital filters from MWII (13 digital filter models (12/24dB, LP, BP, HP, Notch, waveshaper, bit-reduction, dual BP) Additional in-series 6dB LP or HP filter with keytracking), and more LFO options is what I am most wanting.  Glad to own this product and very happy with the entire team behind it.  Thank you.

Richard C.

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