License conditions with regards to installs.

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There is this text on the license.

"For every license, each product can be installed and used on up to three computers simultaneously."

This phrase is very ambiguous because of the "simultaneously" word at the end.

1.) Does this mean that you will only be able to install the plugin three times, so e.g. if you install it on 3 computers and reinstall the OS, or upgrade one computer, you will need another license, independently if you run them simultaneously or not?

2.) Or does this mean that you are allowed to three simultaneous installs? so when you decomission one computer you can then install it on your new one (probably contacting support or following some undocumented process).

You can remove ambiguity by changing the wording to, depending on the case:

1.) "Only three installs of the product are available in total. The product can be run simultaneously from each of the the installs, should you decide to use some of your installs simultaneously."

2.) "You can install and run the plugin on three computers simultaneously. There is no limit on how many installations you can do, but when you want to remove one installation (renewing a machine, reinstalling the OS) you have to contact support."

The reason I'm asking this is because I just wanted to try to use Largo on Linux with LinVst and I have plans to change computer on the near future, so depending on the terms of the license and the times I may need to contact support I'd just avoid installing and using Largo on some of my machines.

Ideally what I'd want is to install as many times as I want. I'm a home user and I only use one machine simultaneously, but on the same machine I have multiple operative systems installs, I have a laptop for traveling, etc.

Hopefully more clear wording would help others and decrease your needs for support.
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2.) is the case here.

If you deinstall the software on one computer, one license becomes free again and then, you can do a new installation on another computer.

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