Saving Bank Error - Not letting me select a program from list??

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To help Troubleshoot!

If I load a bank that was made and saved in the recent newest versions, Largo will not let me select the presets in the right side bank browser. It will load the bank fine, but when I try to click another preset, it does not load but stays on the same preset.

So far I've had 7 people confirm this problem. It seems banks saved in the latest version, 1.7.0 - 1.7.3 are effected, not banks saved or made in previous versions. If I can get at least one other person to verify the issue is with saving banks in the latest version, I think it could be a big help when dealing with Waldorf support.

Method 1. (Will test the layers feature - it might only effect presets that have layers?)

1. download "largo bank bug" from google drive in youtube video description
2. Place in User Presets (Open largo, then right click reveal in explorer to find location)
3. Since the presets were made in the latest largo version and open fine as .fxp, we need to test the bank saving function. So select all preset from the "largo bank bug" folder and insert into an init bank.
4. Save bank in the same folder.
5. Start clicking and exploring the presets. At some point, Largo will stop loading the presets selected but stay on the last one loaded.

Method 2. (easier method)

1. Save init preset with no modification
2. Save init preset with reverb.
3. Insert both presets into init largo bank, multiple times if desired.
4. Save bank.
5. See if you run into the same problem

Please see this video to see if you can confirm this problem. There is a google drive link to the 11 presets I used in the video in the youtube description. In addition, there is also a mini bank of 11 presets that others can try out to see if they encounter the bug too (just in case 7 isn't enough for waldorf).

Video Showcasing the bug - I first test the single .fxp presets. They work. I then test the bank loading presets and they do not work.

Video on how to test the bug (includes a google drive link for the presets)

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This was already fixed in the latest update.

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