Plans for Largo?

1 Monat 3 Wochen her #1 von chakko
Plans for Largo? wurde erstellt von chakko
Hey Waldorf,

proud owner of Largo here (it's my favorite software synthesizer :)). I'm wondering a bit though what Waldorf's plans are with it. As you well know, not only is there a new CPU architecture on Mac OS, which isn't supported by Largo yet, but, there's also just been the release of Windows 11. Also, Largo sorely misses an option to resize it, which, obviously, is a much requested thing these days, with full HD, 4K, and what not screens these days.

In general, I'm wondering what the plans with Largo are. I know, it's always difficult to predict, or promise any things for the future, but, it's been silent for quite a while now. I'm aware that it's a bit old plugin, but, I think it's the greatest thing Waldorf ever did in software, so, I really hope that it will see further support by the company.

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