Largo 64-bit VST3, frequent crashes?

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When using the 64-bit VST3 version of Largo, I'm experiencing frequent crashes when inserting new instances, or when opening the plug-in window of an existing instance.

This is happening in Studio One 4, FL Studio 20.1.1 and Reaper 5.965. The crash either causes the DAW to close completely, or it displays an Access Violation error and then closes. It doesn't happen every time (and seems to be least frequent in Studio One), but it still happens often enough to be a serious problem. The easiest way to trigger the crash is to just start inserting instances of Largo into a project. After anywhere from 3 - 20 instances, the DAW crashes.

I'm wondering if it's just my system, or a bug with the VST3 version of Largo. I'm running a Ryzen 1800X, 16 GB RAM and Windows 10 1809. The VST2 version seems to work fine in all three DAWs however. Other VST3 instruments work fine on my system, even including PPG Wave 3v...
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