How to manage Favourites Patches

11 Monate 1 Woche her #1 von AnWi

just received my Kyra and excited to learn how to handle this instrument efficiently. The sound and capabilities of Kyra are great. However, I am trying to understand some basic concepts and workflows. I am not an expert in programming synths and the possibilities seem a bit overwhelming.

For example, how do you organise your sounds/patches in Kyra mso that you are could find your most important or used  patches quickly e.g. in a live setup?

There does not seem to be a function to tag your most favourite used patches as "Favourites". I came across the Category Filter function that enables to search/switch between sounds in a certain category. Is there and way to add categories?. Then I could add a new category called "Favorites" and use it for my most used sound. However as a result I this sound  would disappear from the original category unless a patch is able to belong to multiple categories.

Any thoughts or advice on this matter?


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