This synth is ALMOST compatible with MPE, which is great! BUT ...

5 Monate 2 Wochen her #1 von MikeInProcess
not quite.

If you take a multi and set all 8 parts to the same patch, this synth can behave as an 8-part MPE-compatible synth. It works great EXCEPT ...

CC74 messages are tweaking the core patch. CC74 is essentially EDITING the original patch (you can see the filter value change in real time) rather than applying performance changes to independent instances/buffers of the patch in the multi. That means independence of the 8 parts is broken as far as CC74. Other things like pitch bend and aftertouch behave independently, but not CC74. 

If the developer fixes this, it means the Kyra enters the world of MPE without having to fully develop MPE capability (though a single-button copy-patch-to-multi function would be a nice convenient addition).

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