File/Patch Management in Kyra

1 Jahr 10 Monate her #1 von wrwrightson
Just asked this question in another post...but...can someone walk me thru the process of backing up patches. That is saving to a PC or USB.

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1 Jahr 9 Monate her #2 von dbmcclain
I just did this last night...
There is no documented SYSEX protocol for the Kyra (yet). So all patch movement must be initiated manually at the synth itself.

So to make a backup of each bank, go to the last page of the System / MIDI Configuration. First line is "Bulk Send/Receive Bank", currently OFF. Use the +/- buttons to select a Bank.

Then below that line is another: "Send Selected Bulk Bank" and the display flashes "Press + to Send".

Now on your computer use something like Sysex Editor (Mac) and tell it to "Record Many". It will sit there listening for any number of MIDI transmissions. Now press the "+" button on the Kyra to send the bank. It only takes a moment, then you need to tell Sysex Editor that it is "Done".

That bank will end up in Sysex Editor as a file labeled Untitled.syx. In the File menu of Sysex Editor you can choose to Save As Standard MIDI (.mid) or Save As Sysex (.syx). Do that, giving a location and name for your Kyra Bank.

Repeat as desired for other banks.

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