Fine Control: NRPN receive/send in OS3?

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I'm experimenting with Kernels  - 'FM' = phase modulation -  in particular with using a "fixed" frequency for a Modulator Kernel. I'm interested in modulating this "fixed" frequency.
Now I can get to the rough ballpark with MIDIcc but can't see any practicable and extendable way of going beyond this other than real-time SuperFine tweaking over multiple recorded takes (rules out doing this with two Modulators... ):
  • Yes, I can set (say) K6 pitch (=frequency?) to a Macro, but I've only got 5 knobs available & use them for multiple param changes (linked to MIDIcc when 0-127 resolution is less critical or "steppiness" can be a feature!)
  • haven't looked at modding with an internal LFO cos I don't want periodic/cyclic change
It seems to me the ideal solution for any Fine Control reproducability/editing is to have a "NRPN link" below "MIDI Learn CC" in the parameter drop down.
This would allow sending out NRPN on a take; editing in a DAW for high-res control then playing back this mod while another Fine Control  param is being edited.
So my questions are:
  1. Can anyone involved in the writing/testing of OS3 tell me whether such capability is on the cards?
  2. Does anyone (with more than my paltry level of experience with this fabulous device) know a work around?
  3. Is this a question for support rather than this forum?
If you got this far, thanks for reading!
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