Feauture Request: Layer-wise program change

4 Monate 6 Tage her #1 von bolau
Hi all,

I would like to play the two layers of the Iridium independently via 2 MIDI channels. Therefore it would be important that a program change message on channel 1 only changes the program on layer 1, while a program change message on channel 2 changes the patch on layer 2. Same behaviour as setting it to Split and click Load -> Layer Only.

Unfortunately, the behavior is different: a program change on channel 1 replaces both layers (as if I press Load -> Replace Multi), while a program change on channel 2 doesn't do anything.

My suggestion would be either a choice under Global -> MIDI -> Inputs or Global -> Settings, that allows me to select if a Program Change should do "Layer Only" or "Replace Multi".

What do you think? Anyone with the same problem? Any workarounds?

And by the way, a few more banks than just the 120 favourites for program selection would be nice for a synth with this awesome sound variety. Why not add more sets, or allow Bank+Program change to choose from the whole lot?

Best, Boris

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