Iridium analog clock out

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Iridium analog clock out wurde erstellt von Oxix52
It seems that the analog clock out on the Iridium sends out only 24 PPQ. I don't see a way to change that. It would be nice to be able to select other clock resolutions. I hope this is something that is being considered.

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1 Jahr 1 Woche her #2 von synthdrome
hi all. 

i agree with the origin post of this topic. i use the iridium with cv and trigger-gate units alot. the clock out being at 24 ppq is completely useless for anything. it is saddening to see this.  it would be fantastic to see this be selectable  (example 1/16th, 1/8th note trigger clocks)  with a standard +5v trigger clock out >> AND IN <<<for use with other units and modules.  its really a bummer for me since the sequencer is quite useful and a great creative tool.  to have cv ins and not have a trigger clock be selectable or at least standard rates, is kind of a sad revelation.

also it does nothing when given a  +5 positive trigger clock in. im assuming its looking for a 24 ppq trigger clock as well there then?

please consider being able to select the voltage level, trigger polarity and clock rate in and out  for a future update. please please please.

thank you!

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