The most overlooked interface feature of the Iridium

1 Jahr 2 Monate her #1 von wfraize
It is a shame that there is not a number pad for manually entering patch number.

Suppose I have made significant changes to patch number 1284, and I want to save it to my own personal bank around patch number 5000.  The only means of getting to that number is to continuously scroll the data entry knob for about three minutes.  There isn't even a shift button to make the data-entry knob skip in multiples of 10 or 100.

I never need the multi-color buttons for playing/operating the Iridium.  This space should have been a number pad. 
Maybe there could be a mode to use these multi-color buttons as a number pad? 

Also, a patch librarian would be extremely useful.

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1 Jahr 1 Monat her #2 von Lukas.S
When saving a patch, tap into the field at the bottom of the screen where a patch number and name is displayed when a patch is loaded. Then, a number pad pops up where you can enter the destination patch number directly.

This is also described in the manual on page 25, which is available in the Support section.

If you want to make a list of patches that you frequently use, use the Favorites function. Manual page 141.

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