KB37 tip : make sure you didn't use reference note by mistake

4 Jahre 5 Tage her - 4 Jahre 5 Tage her #1 von mengqimusic
It effectively shifts the whole pitch range and if you set it up anywhere above the lowest note available on KB37 keyboard, the note below it won't work.
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2 Jahre 5 Monate her #2 von AelitaFromMars
First thing i did was correcting the reference note to the lowest possible (-2 oct) key) so i could benefit from the whole range.

Not sure why it is factory set to 0 oct C? makes the lower two octaves on the keyboard emit 0v regardless key pressed - i can't figure out any good use for that except maybe setting up an AND gate between pitch CV and gate and then have the lowest two octaves transfer MIDI note ons without the CV/gate section sounding.. sort of like a rudimentary half-split of keyboards. You'd need to find a way to limit the note response on the external device in turn to make it really practical, though.

So yeah, my 1st tip to any new user:

1)select -2 octave
2)push and hold setup. press reference note.
3)release setup. press the lowest possible C key

all done and ready to play all 7 octaves of the keyboard. The setting is stored.

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