kb37 ctrl X, Y, Z fonction

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kb37 ctrl X, Y, Z fonction wurde erstellt von Oowl
hello, i beging the modular wordl with a kb37 and the 5 waldorf 'modules ( before i started synthetizer with a preset synth elektron analog keys....)
i have a question abouit ctrl X, Y , Z on kb37

i read and read the notice but i don't understand these fonctions.

i don't understand from where midi cc ùessage can come from, and where patch these output

is someone can help me please, i would be very cool .....


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2 Jahre 5 Monate her #2 von AelitaFromMars
Somewhat counterintuively, x, y, and z controls do -under normal operation- only respond to an external MIDI device such as a computer, separate controller, sequencer or some such.

X can be put in a "2nd voice" mode which generates a separate pitch CV when a 2nd key is pressed. This mode is a very specific sort of paraphonic where if you release the second key, the pitch goes down/up to the first key again. This is sometimes useful but more often a bit unfortunate. The reason is there's also no separate gate signal to pair with the 2nd pitch cv, so this way the 2nd voice can at least "hide" behind being in unison with the first when not pressed. Why they didn't elect to generate a gate on one of the other two vacant jacks is my main reservation on an otherwise well built instrument.

Short of using an external device to send to Y and Z, they do not have any internal function with the current firmware.

For more details about MIDI cc, there are plenty of articles and tutorials out there as it is a general standard.

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