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Hi, I've recently ventured into the Eurorack world after dreaming of doing so for years now. One of the things that pushed me into it was the Waldorf modules. I am a long time Waldorf user and fan and owner the 4-Pole and 2-Pole desktop filter units (among other Waldorf synths), but would like a Waldorf filter for my Eurorack. I've notice for some time no retailer are listing the VCF1 listed in stock or in the catalogue at all. All the other Waldorf modules are listed but not the VCF1. I went into a store today and asked but the sales guy dodged the question and I walked out with a Metro Modular Steel Falcon Sidewinder VCF. I'd have put that money to a VCF1 if only I could find one to purchase. What is the module's status right now?

Found where to buy a new one from (and I'm not telling! ;) )
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