What are the differences between the Blofeld and the Largo softwaresynthesizer?

8 Jahre 7 Monate her #1 von Forum Administrator
  • The Largos has a 4-band-EQ, the Blofeld doesn’t
  • The Blowfeld has the PPG Filter, the Largo doesn’t
  • The Blofeld has more Filter Drive Curves than the Largo
  • The Blofeld has the Triple FX, the Largo doesn’t
  • The Largo has two 2 Sub Oscillators, the Blowfeld doesn’t
  • Largo is capable of Unisono Spread, the Blofeld isn’t
  • Largo has a Filter Bass Emphasis, the Blofeld doesn’t
  • Largo has a Step LFO, the Blofeld doesn’t
  • The Blofeld keyboard and the Blofeld desktop with the installed License SL can load and play back Samples, the Largo can’t

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