10 Steps how to upload the factory sample content to a Blofeld with License SL

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1) After installing Licnese SL successfully on your Blofeld, you have to upload the factory sample content to your Blofeld. We recommend using our free software Spectre which can be found here: www.waldorfmusic.de/de/downloads/blofeld-dl/536-spectre.html
2) Please also download the factory sample content hhere: www.waldorf-music.info/de/downloads-blof...e/558-factory01.html
3) Switch off your Blofeld with the main switch. Connect the Blofeld directly to a free USB port on your computer with an appropriate cable. Do not use a USB hub! Switch on your Blofeld and wait until your operating system (Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X 10.4 or later) automatically recognizes the Synthesizer as an „Audio MIDI Device“. If your Blofeld is not recognized properly, please switch it fastly off and on again.
4) Start the Spectre-Application. With it you can check if your operating system has recognized the Blofeld correctly. Click on the Audio/MIDI-button. Under the MIDI outputs the Blofeld should be listed as an available output. If that is not the case please check the previous steps again.
5) In Spectre, click on the leftmost Load button and locate the unpacked the WPC sample file on your hard disk!
6) After that, please press the Transmit-Button to start the sample upload!
7) The Blofeld shows a graphic that indicates, that a sample set is being loaded. This procedure will last nearly 20 minutes.
8) Under no circumstances turn off or disconnect the Blofeld during this operation. If the procedure is finished, press the Play button on your Blofeld.
9) All samples are located as OSC SHAPES for Osc 1 and 2. You can use it instead of the regular OSC waveforms.
10) Have fun!

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