Blofeld polyphony

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I am a proud owner of a Blofeld for some days, now. I am mainly in making analoge and chip sounds and succeeded in making/replicating every sound I wanted to do with it, so far. Great!

I however have a question regarding the polyphony of the Blofeld though, which I can't get answered in the FAQ or in the specs. How much polyphonic voices do I have (in multi-mode) with the Blofeld?

The homepage says 25. Some forums say 10 at best. My own measurements using simple patches (1 oscillator, 1LFO, no unisono) yielded more than 30. So, I assume that the Blofeld has a fixed amount of shared oscillators (128? 256?) for all the voices. So, if using complex patches using all three oscillators and all unisono detuned sub-oscillators (which all for all I can tell should be leading to a total of nine oscillators per voice in total, then) this would yield to maybe 128/9=14 polyphonic voices, then. Is this correct? So, if I would only use low complex patches this would lead to a maximum of how many voices, then?


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